Hindhead Golf Club


The Club would like to thank the following.

Peter Alliss - great friend of Hindhead who gave freely of his time to be the face of the Club in the Club's and Ladies' videos, and for his hole-by-hole fly-over voice-overs.
Peter Reynolds - the primary architect of the website and designer of the public web pages, who also created much of the site content and the systems' groundwork.

Lorne Magory - who produced and directed the Peter Alliss Club and Ladies' videos and the hole fly-over videos.
Chris Donovan - Club Secretary and Systems & Website Project Manager, instrumental in the website and content creation of both public pages and member pages.

Steve Holmes  - Course Manager, who 'flew' the drone helicopter and filmed the course fly-overs, also for his self-created videos published on the 'course development' page.

Bob Grenside - Club Historian, who has painstakingly digitised an extensive archive of the Club's photographic and documented history, that made the 'Heritage' page possible.
Rob Lear - for his photographs of the course and its flora and fauna that make up the majority of those displayed on the 'This is Hindhead' page.
The Many Unsung, Anonymous Members - for their photographs of the clubhouse, golf course and Club events throughout the years of the Club's history.

The Original Working Party of Alan Snowball, Peter Reynolds, Lorne Magory, Chris Hone and Chris Donovan for the preparatory work culminating in the selection of Intelligent Golf as the Club's systems and website provider.
Ian Bennett - who is always on hand to fix a problem when the hardware runs out of coal.

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