Hindhead Golf Club

Membership Application Form

If you are interested in Membership of Hindhead Golf Club Limited, please fully complete the application form below.

In order become a playing Member of Hindhead you will require a handicap. If you have a competitive handicap with another English golf club, then your unique CDH number and handicap can be easily transferred to Hindhead. You will have to notify your former Club that this is occurring, so that they can release your handicap.

It may be that you are taking up golf again after a break and your handicap has lapsed. If that is the case then you will ideally need to show evidence of when it was last active. Any handicap that has not be maintained competitively for a year is classed as lapsed and a new handicap will need to be allocated to you. This can be done by completing three rounds at Hindhead, with your card marked by another Hindhead Member. You may play in Club competitions whilst returning scores for your new handicap, but you will be ineligible for prizes.

If you have never held a handicap then it may be that Academy Membership is the best option for you. There are details of Academy Membership in the Membership folder you have been given.

Once you have returned your completed application form you will invited to an informal interview at the Club with the Club Captain/Club Vice-Captain. They will talk you through the benefits of membership and how the Club works from a Member’s viewpoint. They will ask you about yourself and your golfing background.

Depending on your golfing ability they may then arrange for a playing-in round with either themselves or another Committee member. This will be arranged for a mutually convenient time. It may be that the interview and playing-in round are arranged for the same day if this is convenient to all parties.

Once the joining procedure has been completed satisfactorily, you will be formally invited to join the Club if there is space within the Membership numbers. If Membership is full then you will be invited to join the waiting list and given an idea of how long you may need to wait before being able to join the Club.

As part of completing your application form, you will be required to agree to abide by the Company's Articles of Association, the Club Rules and Club By-laws. You can view this document by clicking on the following link.

Hindhead Golf Club Limited Articles of Association

Hindhead Golf Club Limited Rules & By-laws

Once a Member of the Club you will be given all of the information you require and assistance on getting settled into the Club. You will be introduced to the management team, who are always available to assist you with any queries you have.


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